Exhibition Title
Skull Imari 

Naoki Sakai

Exhibition Period
May 28, 2022

April 2, from 4pm to 7pm


Skull Imari

Naoki Sakai is a world-renowned conceptor who has been involved in the concept, design, and marketing of numerous products and services, from automobiles to art.

The “Skull Imari” is a unique porcelain artwork that combines the “skull” depicted in Ukiyoe and Tatoos with the traditional Japanese pottery brand “Imari”.

In fact, this work seems to be in bad taste when seen by Japanese, but how would people around the world see it?

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the prank.

Naoki Sakai

Naoki Sakai

Naoki Sakai is the founder of the design firm, Water Design, in Tokyo and the T-Shirt brand, Tattoo Company, in San Francisco. After graduating from Kyoto City University of Arts in 1966, he moved to San Francisco. He returned to Japan in 1973 and established Water Studio Co. Ltd., involved in the development of car designs such as the Nissan “Be-1”, camera design for Olympus, and brought future-retro trends to Japan. In 2008 he became a professor at Keio University. He is also the chairman of Speedy Inc.

Exhibition Scenery

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