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April 20th, 2024 through June 8th, 2024

Saturday, April 20th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Speedy Gallery’s newest group exhibition, REVERIE: LOST IN A DAYDREAM, viewers are invited into a world of fantasy. Featuring an eclectic array of works by artists Jessalyn Brooks, Sean Crim, Sylvie Kettle, Cody Kremer Molina, Laura Rokas, Serge Sanchez, and Christian Vicent, this collection merges fictitious realms with reality. Explore the interplay between the tangible and the imagined cosmos. While the artworks may initially appear distinct, each bearing its own style and subject, a closer examination reveals a cohesive narrative.

Jessalyn Brooks‘ creations serve as a convergence point between affection and pleasure, removing popular parameters and unveiling raw sentiment. Meanwhile, Cody Kremer Molina‘s ephemeral works delicately complement the collection by embodying the fluidity of social boundaries.

Drawing inspiration from psychology and creative expressionism, Sean Crim‘s artworks challenge notions of life by guiding viewers on a journey through corridors of the individual mind, while simultaneously Sylvie Kettle intertwines feminine fables with ethereal scapes in her bold mark-making works.

Christian Vincent and Laura Rokas confront the paradoxes of our hyperreal existence through playful yet thought-provoking works. Their pieces transport observers into whimsical dreamscapes inhabited by vivid characters and unexpected twists, alluring them to embrace joy and wonder.

Finally, Serge Sanchez‘s artworks mirror escapism, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the unbound mundane. Here, the line between abstract and concrete blurs, compelling minds to chase beyond the conventional.

REVERIE: LOST IN A DAYDREAM is where imagination knows no limits.

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Speedy Gallery
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  • Anatalia Bianchi
    Anatalia Bianchi


ART – A New powerful way to change the world.

The first gallery in Los Angeles dedicated to the works of Japanese artists

How many Japanese artists do you know? Ken Watanabe, Takashi Murakami or perhaps, Steve Aoki. But of these three, Takashi Murakami is the only contemporary artist. Ken is an actor, and Steve is a son of the famous steakhouse owner who became a popular DJ.and more…
I opened the Speedy Gallery in Los Angeles in May 2019. My love for art knows no bounds, held many art events on my own as a collector, from shows where Chef Watson (AI) competes with artists to museum exhibitions that exclusively featured exotic rare plants from around the world. These are more than art exhibitions; they take people by surprise and joy, showing significance of art events to those who weren’t so interested.

I’m constantly thinking about unique ways to curate art events; hence, I established the Speedy Gallery to introduce artists that are recognized in Japan yet have potential to be celebrated worldwide.

Branding Through Art

I wouldn’t call myself an art producer. I’ve spent many years in corporate brand consulting for Asian clients from Japan to China. Now, I’m planning to brand Japanese art globally through this gallery.

It was easy for companies to build a brand in the past. Before internet, television and magazines were the main media of 20th century. More you invest on marketing and advertisement, more exposure you had. But the rise of multimedia and social media changed the game. Building awareness of the product and services are not enough. Today, it’s about sharing. Sharing the information, users’ benefits, and the experiences with others through media. Companies have expanded beyond television and internet, creating actual spaces where people can directly interact to share the experiences. Many successful brands create these interactive spaces, share the experience through social media and get the people to love their brand. I believe that Speedy Gallery will be beneficial to the people of Los Angeles and the community at large.

Connecting with Society Through Art

Of course, Speedy Gallery will sell amazing artworks like other galleries, and all proceeds will be donated to charities. But it’s more than that. Speedy Gallery is a community space for every art lover and for those who wants to make changes in the world.

Through my career, I have obtained deep understanding of the internet businesses and how the digital natives think. They understand that internet allows people to explore the unknown corners of the societies. They utilized the power of social network to change the society. Take Ice Bucket Challenge, for example, it helped raise awareness of ALS, the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong, Greta Thunberg’s environmental activism and more.

Please come visit Speedy Gallery to enjoy the art and make change in the world.

Owner Profile

Atsushi Fukuda

Atsushi Fukuda

CEO, Speedy, Inc.
CEO, Speedy Gallery, Inc. Santa Monica, CA
Board Member, Odd Number, Inc.
Representative Director, NPO Ashante Mama
Board Member, J-Collabo.org Corp (New York)
Visiting Professor, Yokohama College of Art
Visiting Professor, Content & Technology Integration Laboratory, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

and more…

Mr. Fukuda manages a wide variety of companies. Turned around all the companies he has been entrusted with.
He has been involved in publishing in 19 countries, talent agency in Japan, Los Angeles art gallery management, development of resorts and pesticide-free farms throughout California, Texas, and Okinawa, NFT business in Estonia, and startup investments worldwide.

Mar. 2018 CEO, Speedy Corporation
Apr 2007 CEO & Founder, Sony Digital Entertainment Inc.
Jan 2001 Vice President, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.

Cartier "Changemaker of the Year" (2016)
Warner Bros. "BEST MARKETER OF THE YEAR" for three consecutive years (2012-14)
Nikkei Web, "One of 51 IT Key Persons for the 21st Century" (2001)
Member of "Contents Investigation Committee", Agency for Cultural Affairs
Member of "Study Group for the Information Grand Voyage", Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

What You Like, You Will Like (Speedy Books)
Streetwise City 2022 (Koryosha Shoten)
The Corona Era of Swissy Living (Koryosha Shoten) Co-author of Naoki Sakai
Paradigm Shift: Are you ready for it? (Speedy Books)
You don't think you can make money with SNS, do you? (Shogakukan)
This is fine, I'm 14 years old" (Kodansha)
The Voice of the Town is a Lie" (Satemaga)

Speedy Group

Company: Speedy, Inc.
Established: September 7th, 2017
Address: 7-7-7 8F Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Japan 106-0032
Company Details: Worldwide entertainment group with offices all over the world in locations such as Japan, North America, China, and Estonia.
Handles a wide range such as brand consulting, talent agency, art gallery management, publishing, online live streaming, and VR public viewing.

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