Exhibition Title
Be Rock! Reverberations – Hideki Kimura from Kyoto to LA

Hideki Kimura

Exhibition Period
September 23 to November 4, 2023

September 23, 2023 4 to 7PM


Born in Osaka in 1942, Hideki Kimura initially rose to prominence as a distinguished music producer, orchestrating iconic events and collaborating with luminaries like Frank Zappa during Japan’s early rock era.

However, at 60, Kimura experienced a profound transformation, embracing the path of an artist. His artistic journey has yielded over 180 murals across Japan and abroad, with his first solo exhibition in Tokyo at 80 marking a significant milestone.

Kimura’s artistic evolution, deeply influenced by his musical roots, now springs to life in his dynamic street art. In lieu of a studio, he prefers the vibrant energy of “live” settings to paint.

In this exhibition, Kimura presents a thought-provoking concept: “Those living on and sustained by Earth should refrain from hubris and greed. Where is humanity headed amidst AI, nuclear power, fossil fuels, and the disruptive weather attributed to human actions?” While these are Kimura’s reflections, he encourages viewers to freely interpret and envision, avoiding imposition of his meaning upon them.

Hideki Kimura

Hideki Kimura

Born in Izumiohtsu City, Osaka in 1942.
Graduated from the Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Design, and worked as a lecturer at the same university.
Produced many legendary events as an organizer in the early days of rock music in Japan.

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Became an artist at the age of 60. He has created more than 200 murals in Japan and abroad. His life with rock music can be seen in his dynamic paintings. Instead of going to the canvas in his studio, he wants to paint “live” in the city. He is a unique artist who advocates the ultimate in amateurism.
His collections include “As I Live,” “Mukamonaka,” and “LIVE.”
In 2012, he provided artwork for Japan Tourism Agency’s “Japan. Thank You.” promotional campaign and was selected for the TBS news program, NEWS23X’s art project, “23XArt”. Takashimaya also adopted Kimura’s artwork for the summer and winter gift season campaign for 3 consecutive years.

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