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Britney TOKYO Participates in NHK’s 24th Heart Exhibition, Combining Poetry & Art

Britney TOKYO is also participating in the event!
NHK sponsors “The 24th Heart Exhibition, and exhibition combining poetry and art. This poetry struck by people with disabilities, is being expressed in this exhibition through art by famous artists and celebrities from various fields.

The poet, Gouzou Yoshimasu, Musashino Art University’s Akiko Moriyama, and others were part of the selection team who selected 50 of the 3,205 titles sent to Japan.
50 celebrities and arts agreed to this project, volunteering to create these artworks.
Singer, DreamAmi, talent, Kento Hiramatsu (BOYS AND MEN), voice actress and manga artist, Sora Tokui, children’s literary writer, Eiko Kadono, actress and artist, Manami Konishi, and others who play an active role in various worlds, participated.

Title: NHK’s 24th Heart Exhibition
Sponsors: NHK, NHK Public Welfare Organization, NHK Service Center, Social Welfare Council
Sponsorship: Cabinet Office
Cooperation:  Oji Paper Co., LTD, Pasona Heartful Art-Mura、NHK Publishing

4/25 (Thurs) to 5/5/2019 (Sun/Holiday)
Tokyu Department Store Shibuya, Nationwide exhibition starting from the main building
For more information, please visit the website below.