Exhibition Title:Upcoming Exhibition

Artist:Tetsuya Tamanoi

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Tetsuya Tamanoi

Tetsuya Tamanoi

Born in 1970.

After working as a staff member at Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA),a salesman at a Buddhist altar company, and a club owner, in 2000, Tamanoi started making figures for use in advertisements and commercials.
In 2008, he began making these figures as contemporary art pieces.

Solo Exhibitions:

2009: “Afternoon without Dreaming…” MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO
2009: “Afternoon without Dreaming…” MORI YU GALLERY KYOTO 7. (and more…)
2012: “Imaginary World Heritage vol. 1” MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO

Commission Work:

“The Brigade Hermèstsch” GINZA MAISON HERMÈS Window Display, Tokyo

Exhibition Scenery

and more…