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Yuki Ninagawa’s Art Project [Dante] Support Team BBQ Party Held at Villa des Mariages! More Than 130 Attend in Utsunomiya💕

Yuki Ninagawa’s art project [Dante] support team BBQ party held at Villa des Mariages! More than 130 attended in Utsunomiya💕

I had the honor of doing the countdown for the fireworks!

Chairman Hiroshi Sakurai of Asahi Shuzo and maker of famous sake,  Dassai, attended, author Naoki Inose was in charge of cutting the watermelon, DJ Tatsuo Sunaga provided music, and Utsunomiya-Minmin’s president, Tarou Itou, broke out in a sweat making us the most delicious gyoza (dumplings)! 🥟Yummy!

And, as always, putting in their best to make the perfect setting for the event, I want to give a special thanks to Prior Holdings Mariko Fujita, Naoki Ikeda and the rest of the staff. Great work, everyone!

Experiencing such an exotic BBQ was like heaven (LOL).