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Lecture as Visiting Professor at Yokohama University of Art and Design on “A New Era of Society, Changed by Art” Atsushi Fukuda

I gave a lecture as visiting professor at the Yokohama University of Art and Design.
This time, with graduation ceremonies over, at orientation geared towards next year, I spoke to about 150 teachers with the title of my lecture being, “A New Era of Society, Changed by Art.”

My thoughts that jobs for people in the near future will be placed into 3 categories:

・Jobs for helping people …NPO、NGO、politics
・Jobs for play …art, travel, gaming
・Jobs for thinkers …philosophers, scientists

With these 3 categories, a huge amount of time can be saved with improvements in mechanisms and AI programming. I believe that spending this vast amount of time is an element that will never go away.

In the future, I think creating art  and having artistic ideas will become a necessity,