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[“NON” Solo Exhibition “Onna wa Kiba wo Muku”] Held at Hiroshima Parco!

[“NON” Solo Exhibition “Onna wa kiba wo muku”] held at Hiroshima Parco!
On May 5th, NON had an event in Shibuya, following an event from June in Osaka, and, now,  HIROSHIMA!

Artist, NON, will be exhibiting various forms of art such as sketches, and handmade costumes with a focus on paintings, 3D objects, and installations.

On October 7th (Sun), NON plans to attend the event. Please, come everyone!

■ [“NON” Solo Exhibition “Onna wa kiba wo muku”] at Hiroshima Parco!

Place: Hiroshima Parco Main Building 6F
Parco Factory
Exhibition: Oct. 5th (Fri) – Oct. 19th (Tues) 2018.