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Louis Waldon Made A Fake Piece That Looks Just Like the Real Andy Warhol Piece From His Factory?!

The other day, I spoke about this Andy Warhol style piece at a lecture called “Is Fake Art a Work of Art?”

I inherited this piece from the LA Coagula Curatorial. Is this art fake because the artist’s name is different? This kind of thinking is what makes the history of art so interesting.

Louis Waldon, (1934-2013, actor/painter) appeared in most of Andy Warhol’s films. He worked in Warhol’s Silver Factory studio from the 1960’s to the 80’s as staff making silver screens and was responsible for the production of Warhol’s famous works. There is no doubt that Waldon is behind the birth of the Campbell Soup piece.

This work was made by Waldon using the same 1999 model, 12 years after the death of his teacher(1987) who favored him. Louis is pictured below in Warhol’s film, Blue Movie.

Louis Waldon
Andy Warhol Superstar Years-Untitled (Campbell’s Soup Can), 1999
Silkscreen/Acrylic on Canvas
50.8 × 40.6 cm