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I Met Best Make-Up Oscar Winner for Film, Darkest Hour, Kazuhiro Tsuji

I met Best Make-Up Oscar winner for the film, Darkest Hour, Kazuhiro Tsuji.
Currently, he creates unique, 3D facial works as a contemporary artist.
I had the pleasure of visiting his studio in LA!


I recommend you read this book. He is an amazing creator.
Book Title: Kao ni Miserareta Jinsei「顔に魅せられた人生」(Roughly translates to: A Life Fascinated by Faces)
Author: Kazuhiro Tsuji
Publishing Company: TAKARAJIMASHA, Inc.



There’s a station in Santa Monica called “Bergamot” that has an area with many galleries.

Inside, there’s a gallery called Copra Gallery that has Mr. Tsuji’s Jimi Hendrix 3D head art piece. It’s really intense! You should check it out!