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I Visited the Atelier of the Famous Ceramic Artist Whom Steve Jobs Adored: Yukio Shakunaga

Yukio Shakunaga’s pottery is made from about 10 tons of white clay found in Toyama.

The bowl of jet black represents the universe.

The pottery imitating surface of the water at the peak of Tsurugidake represents the heavens.

On April 11th, 1994, Steve Jobs and his wife visited Kyoto (then NewtSoftware president), and went to a  gallery where they encountered Yukio Shakunaga’s works during his exhibition.

After returning to Apple in 1995, he developed the iPod among other things in which he had Mr. Shakunaga created the icon prototypes.

Their conversations together went on for 10 years until Jobs fell ill.

We found the pure white clay when breaking the layers on the back of the mountain.

When Mr. Shakunaga was in his 20s, he trained by modifying a Korean kiln which can be fired 1-2 times a year.

To make the icon image for apps, Steve Jobs requested from Mr. Shakunaga to create these plates.

Steve Jobs came to Japan for the promotion of Toy Story and gifted Mr. Shakunaga this art book.

The white sharp piece in the center is an inspiration from Tateyama Mountain Range snow. [Momotaro Shirakuryo}

On the right is an inspiration from a puddle that extends 1000m in Tsurugidake. 「地塘皿」 (Gaki no ta)