Exhibition Title
Empty Mountain Curated by Yiwei Lu

Ye Wenlong

Exhibition Period
March 26, 2022

March 5, Saturday, 2pm


Ye’s photography is a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese “Shanshui” landscape paintings. Shanshui translates directly to “the paintings of mountain and water,“ and symbolizes a peaceful life.

A good Shanshui painting contains what is referred to as “Yi Jing,”  “Yi“ being the artist’s personal feelings and aesthetics, and “Jing” being the landscape itself. Utilizing a flat perspective and negative spaces, Ye is able to find his “Yi” in the landscape and convey the same consistent Eastern-style black-and-white pictorial quality in his landscape photography, no matter the location.

Ye Wenlong

Ye Wenlong

Born in Zhangjiang Province in 1979, Ye is an independent photographer in China. Working with a digital medium format camera and spending at least six months out of a year shooting in China and all over the world, Ye hones his craft of Eastern-style landscape photography. He has exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and has won the Chinese Academy of Photography award, the highest award in the Chinese fine art photography field.