Exhibition Title:What is Your Balance?

Artist:Moeko Maeda

Exhibition Period:2/22/2020-12/2020



Inhale / Exhale
Light / Shadow

Our lives are surrounded with opposite forces corresponding with each other. Everyday, every moment, we each balance ourselves inwards and outwards, consciously and unconsciously. In this presentation of works I sat and faced my own light and shadow within. Observing the movement that is continuously shifting, like a tide in the ocean. To stand in balance wherever we find ourselves, moment to moment, each coming of the day. These paintings kindly ask you to be presence with stillness. To perceive the balance within, for the two opposing forces to unite with harmony.

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Salted painting: In Japan, salt is a sacred object. It is used in the rituals for purification of energy, spirit, and space, as well as shielding spaces. Ever since I was a child, salt has played a big role in my life. In the healing of body, purification of the spirit, and cleansing of the surroundings. Naturally salt has united into paintings as a way of painting ritual.

In the process of making the salted painting, it begins with a single word. At this point of departure I explore the depths of the word. This leads my hands to write words that flow into consciousness. The colors of the chakra follow, sealing the words inside the painting. As the final process of the ritual, cultivation and the crystallization of salt happen on the painting for its own purification and shield.

These paintings are breathing just as we are.


Salted Painting

Matters that require attention

These paintings are extremely delicate and fragile. Please understand and agree to the notes below, when considering a purchase.

• Paintings are made in a Humidity 70% location.

• Please DO NOT store in a high humid location. When the painting is stored in a highly humid location, salt on the painting may absorb moisture in the air and moisture may drip from the painting.

• Salt is a natural mineral. In time, it may crack and break off from the painting.

Salted painting is breathing, just like we are. As time passes, if you could enjoy the shift and changes may occur in the painting, we would truly appreciate it.

Moeko Maeda

Moeko Maeda

Born in 1983, Hyogo Japan.
Currently lives in Los Angeles and works in contemporary art.

Group exhibitions and performances:
2018 Tiny Men On Tits and Friends, The Curated Loo,
Chimento Contemporary, Los Angeles
2017 METAL, Lava projects, Los Angeles
2016 Where Are You Going (Performance), THREE,
Los Angeles
2012 What Are We Connected To? (Performance),
Los Angeles

Exhibition Scenery

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Exhibition Title:Things from Beyond the Sea

Artist:Tetsuya Tamanoi

Exhibition Period:11/5/2019-12/23/2019


Born in 1970, my generation was inspired by 90’s pop culture and we had a longing for Western influence. At the same time, I was greatly impacted by the monster culture in Japan. Godzilla, in particular, was my first favorite hero. In recent years, this monster has been featured in many movies in Hollywood. Japanese television, at the time, was showing a lot of foreign programs like MTV and Hollywood movies featuring special effects, science fiction and fantasy. This aesthetics were unconsciously formed within me. I was heavily influenced by Western Culture. Entering the 21 century, Western producers such as Tarantino, took interest in World War II and Japanese culture. I felt lucky to be able to experience both cultures.

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My current career as a set designer, in addition to art production, sets designs for photography, and installations, featuring this influence of everything I saw in Hollywood movies, from set design to colors and interiors.

This exhibition in LA holds a place close to my heart and will be a self-expression of California and Hollywood that I have absorbed throughout my years.

Gradation & Bokashi Series

The gradation style is based on traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Ukiyo-e uses bokashi which translated to “blurring.” Gradation & Bokashi Series also incorporates the candy color technique that has been established as a custom car painting method in the United States.

After the success of Japanese monster movies, or kaiju eiga, toys made of PVC were in high demand. Also, the concept of villain verses hero is loved by movie geeks inspired by the material and ideas from the movie. These artistic methods have been incorporated into my works for this exhibition.

Crumpled & Drip Series

This series is modeled on the simple technique of what children learn to do-hang, cut, paste, cut and crush. These sculptures that are finished with a crumpled look, with the other works that look like dripping paint, are influenced by pop artists such as Claes Oldenburg and Robert Rauschenberg.

Japan is an island surrounded by water, thus alienating us from the rest of the world. Perhaps this is the mystery behind “Things from Beyond the Sea” that captivates me. I hope you can explore the excitement of this bridge of cultures between Tokyo and LA.

Tetsuya Tamanoi

Tetsuya Tamanoi

Born in 1970.

After working as a staff member at Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA),a salesman at a Buddhist altar company, and a club owner, in 2000, Tamanoi started making figures for use in advertisements and commercials.
In 2008, he began making these figures as contemporary art pieces.

Solo Exhibitions:

2009: “Afternoon without Dreaming…” MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO
2009: “Afternoon without Dreaming…” MORI YU GALLERY KYOTO 7. (and more…)
2012: “Imaginary World Heritage vol. 1” MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO

Commission Work:

“The Brigade Hermèstsch” GINZA MAISON HERMÈS Window Display, Tokyo

Exhibition Title:SURF-iNK

Artist:Shukou Tsuchiya

Exhibition Period:9/7/2019-10/27/2019


Ink painting is an art technique that originated from Asia in the 10th century. Not only is it used for calligraphy but the ink can be used with different techniques. Ink painting developed as art that represents shades of black over variations of color.

Japan is surrounded by the ocean, with countless rivers among it, with clear beautiful water and abundant forests. With this water, ink and Japanese paper, Shukou Tsuchiya is an artist who has succeeded in creating a very modern expression using this traditional method.

Shukou Tsuchiya is a well-known artist who has held numerous art exhibitions and won awards in Japan. This is his first full-scale exhibition in Los Angeles. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the world of Tsuchiya.

“Surf- Ink” expresses West Coast, yoga, surf, and Zen. The pattern on the back is an ancient Japanese sacred cannabis crest, and perhaps somewhat expresses LA culture.

Shukou Tsuchiya

Shukou Tsuchiya

Born in 1974 in Japan, Shukou Tsuchiya, an award-winning Master of Nanboku Suiboku ink painting (traditional Japanese monochrome ink painting) and stain artist, started his artistic journey when he was 18 years old. Exploring beyond traditional Suiboku ink painting, he collaborates with luxury brands to perform live painting with SONY, NIKE, CHRISTIAN DIOR, TOMMY HILFIGER, LEXUS, VISA, NOKIA, CHIVAS REGAL and more. In addition to performing live paintings, he designed a dress made of smearing Japanese paper. His unique works were introduced in Florence Biennale, Art Fair in Tokyo, galleries in NY, Paris, Hong Kong and Japan.

Enrolled master course of the Nanboku Bokuga Association
Studied modern art under Master Yutaka Masuda

Studied under Mr. Nanboku Saito, Mr.Terayama

SANDAIME J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE:Feel So Alive

Asahi Super Dry:Dry Premium Golden Mt.Fuji
Asahi Super Dry:Dry Premium Togetsukyo
“Kasumidake” at Fireking cafe
“Priverb of the World x Abstract Sumi-Art” at Gallery Ekoan

H & M conscious Live Performance (TENKI)
Invited to the event of “400th Anniversary of JAPAN-SPAIN Relations” at IBIZA & MADRID, SPAIN
Healing IBIZA Live Performance
SLOWTRACK Gallery at MADRID and more
JUBILATION #2 Sugar-Coated Fighting Fish at Gallery Ekoan

adidas superstar campaign unite all originals
“ILMARI X Shukou Tsuchiya”
Live Performance at “Dom Pérignon Dark Night Limited Gallery” (TENKI)
“Life Under the Wing” at S-des GALLERY
“Shukou Tsuchiya Exhibition 2013” at Tokyo American Club
Dedicated a Dragon Figure to the God of the Tsuma Kirishima Shrine

“PENDULUM” at New York Kips Gallery
“Reflection Through Contrast” at Fireking café

New York International Artists at Home and Abord
The Rolling Stones® collaboration T-shirt
Société National des Beaux Arts : Salon”Carrousel du Louvre”

Art Fair Tokyo 2010 (S-des GALLERY)
Promotion act with CHIVAS REGAL

Won the Grand Prize from the All Japan Suiboku Painting Association.
Private Exhibition “Suiboku Artist Shukou Tsuchiya scene of Ink and Smear”
Private Exhibition “Suiboku Artist Shukou Tsuchiya Art Exhibition (TENKI) ”

Promotion act with Audi sports Coupe TT
Design Creation of SONY Widget [FLO:Q]

“Namie Amuro -mermaid-” promotion video

United Art unit (TENKI)

“Florence Biennale” in Italy

Solo Exhibition in New York “-A Fraction of a Moment-”

Jury’s prize from All Japan Suiboku painting Association

Winning prize from Traditional Japanese painting exhibition

Winning prize from International Culture Festival
Winning prize from Sankei Newspaper

Exhibition Title:Britney TOKYO Art Show in LA

Artist:Britney TOKYO

Exhibition Period:5/24/2019-7/31/2019


Britney Tokyo Art Show in LA
The famous LA nail artist for the stars, Britney TOKYO, goes beyond the frame this time challenging the world of contemporary art. Her vivid imagination flows on to the canvas using nail art materials. bringing to life a uniquely wild, cute, colorful and original pop art.

Britney TOKYO

Britney TOKYO

Britney TOKYO’s nail art has appeared in TV commercials, Hollywood movies and music videos. Loved by Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Rita Ora among other celebrities. Winner of American Influencer Awards 2017. She has made semi-regular appearances on the hit reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” as their personal nail artist.