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Ink painting, a timeless traditional art technique that originated from Asia in the 10th century, has developed as art that represents shades of black over variations of color. Japan, where the artist originates, is surrounded by the ocean, with countless rivers among it, with clear pure water and abundant forests. Embracing beautiful and lavish nature in Japan, the award-winning Japanese ink artist, Shukou Tsuchiya mixes water and ink, old and new, east and west, dynamic and serene strokes of brushes on Japanese paper to create a very modern expression utilizing the traditional method.

Tsuchiya’s new full-scale exhibition in L.A., “SURF-iNK”, expresses and celebrates the cultures of West Coast, yoga, surf, and Zen, harmonically mixed with tradition of Japan. In some works, you will find patterns on the background which is an ancient Japanese sacred cannabis crest, perhaps somewhat expresses “LA” culture.


Shukou Tsuchiya LA Exhibition “SURF-iNK” Reception Party
September 7(Sat) , 2019 6 – 9 pm Speedy Gallery
2146 Sacramento St, Los Angeles, CA 90021-1722, United States

Shukou Tsuchiya SURF-iNK
September 9 (Mon) to October 27 (Sun) ,2019 (appointments only)
Speedy Gallery 2146 Sacramento St., Los Angeles


Shukou Tsuchiya , Artist

Born 1974 in Japan, Shukou Tsuchiya, an award-winning Master of Nanboku Suiboku ink painting (traditional Japanese ink painting) and a stain artist, embarked on a journey as an ink painting artist when he was 18. At an exceptional speed, just in 2 years, Tsuchiya became the Master of Nanboku Suiboku painting.

Exploring beyond the limits of traditional suiboku ink painting, he took his brushwork to the next level by collaborating with high-end brands including CHRISTIAN DIOR, FENDI ROMA, AUDI, FERARRI, LEXUS, CHIVAS REGAL, DOM PERIGNON, NIKE, ADIDAS, H&M, SONY, TOMMY HILFIGER, VISA, NOKIA and more to perform live paintings for promotional events, combining these traditional methods to create new and unique artworks. Tsuchiya’s artworks are also commonly found in music videos of top artists and TV commercials for national brands like ASAHI in Japan.

He was invited to showcase his artworks at Florence Biennale, exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo. Tsuchiya held exhibitions around the world, in Louvre Paris, France “Carrousel du Louver”, hosted by France National Society of the Fine Arts, in New York, Madrid, Taiwan and of course in Japan.

His passion for ink art goes beyond creating new artworks, hosting workshops and lectures of ink art including those at the oldest university in Spain, Universidad de Salamanca, Museo ABC in Madrid, Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris, and his regular workshops in Tokyo.

in 2019, he won the grand prize awarded by the prestigious organization, All Japan Suiboku Painting Association, for his outstanding achievements, contribution to ink paint culture and for his astonishing creative artworks.


Skateboard-ink Grab

Japanese Ink, Mixed Media on Japanese Paper
2000 × 460 mm

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“Speedy Gallery”
2146 Sacramento St. 
Los Angeles

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